Products We Represent

Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses and Pressbrakes

 Stamtec Stamtec Metal Stamping & Forming Equipment

  • Gap Frame Presses from 27 Tons & Straight Side Presses up to 4400 Tons
  • State of the Art Servo Presses
  • Control System Upgrades and Replacements
  • Complete Press Repair & Rebuild
  • Engineering Modifications of Presses
  • Field Service and Inspections
  • Clutch/Brake Retrofits
  • Replacement Parts Sold & Installed
 Beckwood Beckwood Press  – Beckwood is a Leading Hydraulic and Automated Systems Manufacturer.  

  • Hydraulic Presses from 2 – 2000 Tons.  
  • Standard Press Designs Tailored to the Customers Specific Applications Requirements.

Coil Handling Equipment 

Rowe Rowe Machinery & Manufacturing –  Manufacturers of Coil Handling Equipment

  • Feeds
  • Straighteners
  • Reels
  • Coil Processing Systems
  • Combination Equipment
  • Compact Coil Systems
CWP_Industries Cooper Weymouth Peterson  – CWP is the Leading Manufacturer of Coil Line Feeding Equipment & Systems serving the Metalforming Industry for over 50 Years.

  • Feeds
  • Straighteners
  • Reels
  • Coil Processing Systems
  • Combination Equipment
  • Compact Coil Systems
  • Pallet Decoilers
  • Levelers
  • Auxiliary Equipment
 RapidAir RapidAir Corporation – RapidAir Manufactures Light Gauge Feeding & Coil Handling Equipment that Delivers Unmatched Production, Accuracy & Dependability.

  • Air Feeds
  • Servo Feeds
  • Straighteners
  • Stock Reels
  • Pallet Reels
  • Cutters

Conveyors & Material Handling Equipment

Shuttle_Pro Shuttle Pro Conveyor  – Shuttle Pro Conveyors has everything you need for a configurable pneumatic-drive conveyor system.
Wardcraft Wardcraft Conveyors – Wardcraft manufactures quality line conveyors and quick die change equipment for the metal stamping industry. Types include scrap, part, chip, floor systems using steel hinge, magnetic, belt and oscillating conveyors.
Coilbridge Coilbridge Conveyor  Coilbridge provides patented conveyors to span the long gap between press feeder and die entry, eliminating the need for makeshift material and part supports.

Rollforming, Transfer Systems, & Quick Die Change



– Rollforming Equipment, B& K Levelers, Rollforming Tooling

  • Yoder
  • Dahlstrom
  • Tishken
  • Lockformer
  • Iowa Precision
  • FMI Dahlstrom
HMS_Products HMS Products   HMS Products Co. is a full service Pressroom Automation Specialist. We will provide equipment and engineering services to compliment any transfer application your company may have.

  • Full Series of Part Transfer Systems for every application and budget.
  • Part Transfer Systems adaptable to any new or existing press.


Hilma Hilma    – Quick Die & Mold Change

  • Hilma quick change systems improve your manufacturing productivity by providing faster, more efficient and accurate die changes.

Electronics for Metalforming, Automation, and Safety Controls

Link_Systems Link Systems – Link Systems Produces and Supports the Most Comprehensive Line of Electronics for the Metalforming Industry.  Link also conducts Safety Seminars on OSHA Requirements for Mechanical Power Presses and Press Brakes.

  • Press Automation Controls
  • Die Protection
  • Tonnage Monitoring
  • Programmable Limit Switches
  • Presence Sensing Devices



Dayton_Progress Dayton Progress Corporation  – Dayton is the world-wide industry leader in the production  of catalog and specialty punches, punch-blanks, and metal-stamping tools.  Dayton’s product line has greater variety than any other punch manufacturer.


Unipunch UNIPUNCH  – Make parts fast with reusable modular bump-dies known as “C-Frame” or “Unitized” press tooling. 
Anchor_Lamina Anchor Lamina America –  is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of tool, die, and mold components for the metal working and plastics industries.

  • Punchrite Components
  • Danly IEM
  • Lamina Components
  • Lempco Die Sets and Components
Anchor_Danly Anchor Danly – is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of high quality die sets, components, steel plates, and metal fabrications

  • Anchor Die Sets & Components
Royal_Diversified Royal Diversified – Royal Diversified Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision crafted pins, punches and perforators. As well as a comprehensive line of standard products, Royal is well known for expertise in the manufacture of custom miniature precision parts.

  • Catalog standard pins and punches
  • Custom pins made to print specifications
MDL_Mold_Die MDL Mold and Die Components Manufacturers of Die Components, interchangeable with Danly and Lamina
Oberg Oberg Industries Carbide Punch and Die Inserts. From stamping tooling and special fixtures to carbide punches, carbide bushings, and other replacement components, Oberg has been designing and manufacturing precision, quality tooling for over 60 years.



LSP_Industries LSP Industries – LSP Industries, Inc is a manufacturer of high quality lubrication systems. Products range from PressSpray® Air-Less Spray Systems and FloaterCoater® roller coaters for the metal stamping industry.
Vibro Dynamics Machine Mounts for Precision Industrial Machinery, Vibration Pads for Presses.  Vibro/Dynamics specializes in the installation of large stamping presses on anchorless isolation systems that provide faster, easier installations. Both Elastomeric and Coil Spring type isolation systems are available depending on your vibration and shock isolation requirements.
Vibro_Industries Vibro Industries  – The Vibro Air-Operated Transporter is the only transporter that is 100% air operated and 100% American made. A Vibro Air-Operated Transporter can transport objects along an assembly line or remove scrap from beneath machine tools, even in close quarters where conventional conveyors cannot be installed.

Scrap Cutters & Choppers

Production Machine Equipment offers a full line of Scrap Cutters and Scrap Choppers. Contact us for details of the options available.


Press and Feedline Rebuilds

Rebuild Services

  • Sometimes the solution that makes the most sense from a cost and timeline perspective is to repair and rebuild existing equipment.   PME, Inc can provide our customers with rebuilds on feedlines, presses, etc.  Complete mechanical rebuilds, retrofitting with state-of-the-art electronic controls, and assuring many more years of high productivity and machine life.  Click on Rebuild Services to see before and after pictures on a rebuilt feedline.  



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